Taking you through the making of Gravity Kills new music in 2012.

20th July 2012

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Yes, Yes it is.

Finishing a track up. Time to really get back at it.

11th November 2011

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Find rare and unreleased Gravity Kills here! →

11th November 2011

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Free, Rare, Live Gravity Kills →

27th October 2011

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Here it is, The Debut album From The Damned Humans will be released on 2/12/11
More Info on www.thedamnedhumans.com


Here it is, The Debut album From The Damned Humans will be released on 2/12/11

More Info on www.thedamnedhumans.com

5th October 2011

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Goodnight Mr. Jobs

He made it easier for all of us to produce the music we do. Thank You Mr. Jobs.


30th September 2011

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Guilty1 Command Module Sessions

30th September 2011

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More from the Shock City Sessions

20th September 2011

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Shock City Sessions in St. Louis.

17th September 2011

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One of those nights…

Last night I started and idea that I had been chewing on for about a week. Tonight it really took shape. The working title of the song is called “Again.” I gathered the lyrical idea from an experience that I recently had and really felt like it would be great to “do it all again.” Things really seemed to fall into place all night. I went from one idea to the next and my Logic chops are really sharpening again. It felt good to not hesitate as I moved through the virtual environment. 

I must tell that the inspiration to work came from a very old friend by the name of Colin Boyd. He is a singer/songwriter that I knew when I lived in Dallas and I haven’t spoken to him since before Gravity Kills formed in 1994. He reached out to talk about recording and I was more than enthused that he called. I really respect this guy because I have been watching his career from afar and I actually played some keys on a record he did in the early 90’s. Thanks Colin for keeping the fire lit.

I have bounced the track to mp3 so I can take a few more listens tonight. I will lay down the scratch guitars and a scratch vocal tomorrow and so I can upload the track to the cloud for Doug to pull down to Shock City.  I hope when I have my first listen tomorrow that I will be as excited as I am now.

Another strange thing happened. When I bounced the track down to mp3, I noticed it was 4 minutes and 6 seconds long. Another good friend, Clint Ingram is spiritually and universally tied to the time 4:06 so I just got off the phone with him. I suppose we are all connected by something. 

Signing off from the Guilty1 Control Module.

15th September 2011

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The Lost Idea or Recovered Inspiration

I started off the evening thinking I would work on something else but I had a bass line that had been haunting me since last Friday morning. In most cases the idea morphs away from the original inspiration or if I don’t get it down I forget it all together. On this particular Friday morning I happened to be grabbing a cup of coffee at a QT and had a pen and paper handy. I jotted the idea down in a way that I hoped I would remember the inspiration. It actually worked. I spent a bit on some drums and then hammered on the bass line for about 30 minutes and now I can’t stop listening to it. I am about to get into the pre chorus and bridge. Sometimes ideas are so simple that they drive themselves. Seems I am in that place tonight.